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July 25 - 28


High Point, NC

A four day celebration of
the bicycle, friends and all
things cycling. Centered
around the 2013 USA
Cycling Professional
Criterium National

Vintage Bicycle Festival

The 2013 Vintage Lightweight Bicycle Show will be held over 3 days, Friday, July 26 through Sunday, July 28th. This special collection will be open to the public free of charge.

Many fine examples of hand made bikes of the Vintage era (pre-1990) will be on display in the Ballroom of High Point Plaza hotel. These are bicycles which represent the finest and most sophisticated machines of their types, in the era that they were made. The show floor will be arranged by country of origin.

Many enthusiasts are drawn to these bikes because they were made by a single or small group of craftsmen, with hand tools and traditional methods. When contrasted with modern high technology bicycles, these older bikes have a charm and beauty not found in most current day bicycles.

The Bicycle: Art Meets Form Awards will be given in these categories:

Best in Show Best USA
Best Road Racing Best Japan
Best Track Best Italian
Best Touring Best French
Best Mountain Bike Best Benelux
Peoples Choice Best British Isles


The awards will be determined by an expert jury and announced Saturday evening, July 27th.

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